sizing guides

Size guides:

Ring size guide:

If you would like to order one of our rings in a specific size please be sure to send us your exact ring size. If you can’t come to our studio in Muizenberg to have your ring size measured please go to your nearest jeweller to have it done. We only work in UK sizes.

Alternatively you can order one of our rings in a standard size, like a medium for instance, the chart below explains the different sizes.
So if you ordered a ring in size medium it could come any any size between L1/2 - O.


extra small

G, G1/2, H, H1/2, I, I1/2


J, J1/2, K, K1/2, L


L1/2, M, M1/2, N, N1/2, O


O1/2, P, P1/2, Q, Q1/2

extra large

R, R1/2, S, S1/2, T, T1/2


Bracelet size guide:

Our bracelet sizes depend on chain length. If you want a specific length that is either shorter or longer than our standard sizes, please send us a note so we can adjust our measurements according to your requirements. These lengths are a good indication of size. We give you a choice between 16cm - 18cm, I would suggest taking your wrist measurement with a piece of string.

small: 16cm

medium: 17cm

large: 18cm

Chain length:

We have different chain options for different pendants. The most common chain lengths for pendants are 45cm or 50cm.